For the seasoned long distance driver towing a caravan, it’s possible to do the journey down from the Channel Ports to La Tournerie Ferme in a day, but it is a long days drive and the fastest route would appear to go via Paris which of course can be like hell warmed up if you hit it at the wrong time of day or night!

We strongly advise you follow the final few miles of these directions when towing if you value the sides and roof of your caravans, there are shorter routes, but towards the end of your journey (towing) I can assure you these are the safest ones with the least hassle ! .......

SAT NAV. Our entrance gates GPS location is N. 45.072294 E. 1.234477, but PLEASE DO NOT use this when towing your pride and joy on the final part of your journey as the roads are too narrow, I kid you not !
By all means, use them to get as far as Le Lardin Saint-Lazare but then please turn them off.


Leave the A20 at Brive and go on to the A89, it is signed Perigueux, Bordeaux.  Follow the A89 to the first peage (it is only a short distance after leaving the A20), signed Terrasson.  Leave the autoroute and follow the signs to Terrasson, follow the old N89 (but newly re-numbered D6089) through the centre of Terrasson and onwards for a further 4 miles until you arrive at the traffic lights in the centre of Le Lardin Saint-Lazare and turn LEFT onto the D704 signed to Montignac.  
Be extra specially careful about your speed here as this is a Gendarme radar hot spot area.
Follow the road through until you arrive at a large roundabout just to the North of Montignac, take the 3rd exit (i.e. turning left) and follow the road along this rather grotty (!) entrance to Montignac.  
In almost exactly 1 mile you will arrive at a mini roundabout; keep in the left hand lane and take the 2nd exit then pass over the Vézère river bridge to a constantly flashing set of traffic lights.
Give way and TURN LEFT and leave Montignac on the D704 now signed to Sarlat.

Follow the main road, going steadily and forever uphill for approx. 3 miles, going onto a 2 lane overtaking section until on approaching the top of the hill the overtaking lane ends following which in a few hundred yards there is some cross hatching in the centre of the road and a left hand turn filter.
At this junction TURN LEFT, it is signed C1 St Amand de Coly, from here follow the remainder of the directions further down the page under the bold line with the copy starting.... KEEP ALERT & DRIVE SLOWLY:



From the autoroute go on to the D6089 (old N89) and follow the road 3.5 miles in an Easterly direction into Le Lardin Saint-Lazare to the traffic lights, where you should turn RIGHT onto the D704 signed to Montignac and now follow the remainder of the directions given immediately above and after “Be extra specially careful.

Leave Sarlat on the D704 signed to Montignac and Brive.
In just over 5 miles at the junction with the D60 KEEP LEFT, continuing on the D704 signed to Montignac.

In a further 6 miles when going down hill, at the approach of some extensive cross hatching in the middle of the road TURN RIGHT, signed C1 to St. Amand de Coly............. NOW FOLLOW THE REMAINDER OF THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN BENEATH THE BOLD LINE FURTHER DOWN THE PAGE

Leave Souillac heading North West on the D15/D62 signed to Borrèze & Salignac-Eyvignes.
In approximately 10 miles you will arrive at the junction with the D60, turn LEFT signed to Sarlat.
In approximately 6 miles you will arrive at the junction with the D704, turn RIGHT signed to Montignac.

In a further 6 miles when going down hill, at the approach of some extensive cross hatching in the middle of the road TURN RIGHT, signed C1 to St. Amand de Coly............. NOW FOLLOW THE REMAINDER OF THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN BENEATH THE BOLD LINE IMMEDIATELY BELOW


THE FINAL PART OF YOUR JOURNEY, KEEP ALERT & DRIVE SLOWLY:  Exactly 1 mile after leaving the D704, you will arrive at a ‘X’ roads, TURN LEFT signed to Manardel & Drouille.  In a short distance you will arrive at a ‘Y’ junction, follow the road to the right, signed to Manardel & La Genebre.

Stay on this little road, ignoring any minor roads to your right.

After approx 1 mile you will arrive at an elongated junction, where a road joins from your right and almost immediately afterwards another road forks off to the left.
AT THIS JUNCTION, there is a beautifully maintained stone post box as well as some wheelie bins; take the road to the right of the bins etc. signed to Le Treuil, it is also signed to La Tournerie, but the sign is on the opposite (right) side of the road and you can’t see it!

In only another few hundred yards and almost immediately after Le Treuil ferme you will arrive at a ‘X’ roads from where you can see our site below you to your right, TURN RIGHT, you are now at La Tournerie, La Tournerie Ferme is the first property on the left and the Camping a la Ferme is opposite as signed.

On arrival; please stop just inside the gates and come to the house and we will direct you to your reserved pitch.

It hasn’t been proven but a great many people firmly believe Gendarmes target foreign drivers !
Despite us all being in the EU, there are no formal full time working agreements between the Gendarmerie and the police forces in the UK, so if you are ever stopped it is unlikely that any normal motoring offence you have committed will result in points being added to your licence back at home............  BUT beware, the on the spot powers and fines can be almost exceptionally painful.
EVERY SINGLE STOP signs means STOP, make sure your wheels stop turning, count 1,2 and then drive on, if you don’t and the Gendarmes are watching, they will stop you and the fine can be as high as €750.
( I was caught out at the remotest and traffic free X roads where there was perfect visibility and nothing was in sight, no cars, no people, nothing........  The Gendarmes were a goodly distance away hiding in some trees, observing the X roads through binoculars.  As a result I lost my UK/Euro licence and had a sizeable fine as well! )
Never ever use the mobile phone whilst driving, if you are spotted doing so and stopped, the fine will be high and the phone will be almost certainly confiscated.  
Always wear your seatbelts, this is another instant high level fine.
If you have a radar detector, leave it behind in the UK as if one is even seen in a vehicle, it will be immediately confiscated, there will be a hefty fine and even your car might be impounded!
Crossing white lines is taboo......
Never ever question their decisions as they can and do get very upset......
So to be sure of a Gendarme free holiday drive carefully and always within the law.............

We have been assured by countless visitors that these directions are the best they have ever followed....... However in the very unlikely event that you do get lost please do not hesitate to phone us on: -
00 33 (0)5 53 51 04 16